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MadTouch Explained?

by Author — Posted on Wednesday January 9, 2019

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Overheard in Yorkville recently…

“…and we call it MadTouch. MAD. + TOUCH. Get it?”


“MAD, for Madhouse; Touch for all the touch platforms it runs on, all the touch points it creates…”

“Can – you – just – tell – me – what – it – is?”

“OK, its an all in one sales and marketing app.

“Oh, it’s an app!”

“Not just an app, it’s like a virtual sales center you can carry around in your pocket.”

“I’ve got five sales centers now, why do I need another one?”

“Cause if you did this you wouldn’t need those others. How much did you spend on them?”

“None of your business. But if you must know, somewhere north of five million dollars.”

That’s crazy!”

“You’re driving me crazy.”

“Thats my job.

(To be continued, but if you really want to know what MadTouch is all about click here, or call Andrew (phone#) and let him try again. Maybe you’re not as thick as this guy)