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Overview of the March 2024 Google Search Update

Posted on Friday April 12, 2024

Google’s latest update to its search engine, rolled out in March 2024, marks a significant leap towards enhancing the quality of search results for users worldwide. With algorithm changes and new spam policy, these moves underscore the tech giant’s commitment to delivering accurate, relevant, and spam-free content, addressing the growing concerns over low-quality information online.

The March 2024 update is designed with a clear objective: to elevate the quality of information users find online while minimizing spam and low-quality content’s visibility. Google has historically prioritized user experience, and this update is a continuation of its efforts to ensure that search results are not only relevant but also trustworthy and valuable.

Algorithm Changes Introduced

Significant algorithm improvements are at the heart of this update, focusing on better discernment and ranking of high-quality content. Building on the 2022 ranking systems, the March updates aim to more accurately determine whether web pages genuinely assist users or if they’re primarily designed for search engines. While Google keeps the algorithm’s specifics under wraps, they expect the amount of low-quality and unoriginal content to be reduced by 40% in search results.

New Spam Policies

Additionally, Google introduced stricter spam policies aimed at further reducing the prevalence of low-quality content in search results. The March search update from Google targets three practices that diminish content quality: the mass production of content (scaled content abuse), the manipulation of site reputation to elevate poor content, and the exploitation of expired domains for spam.

Scaled Content Abuse

This refers to creating numerous pages primarily to manipulate search rankings, such as using AI to produce low-value content or scraping to create redundant pages. Google’s policy on AI-generated content remains unchanged; the emphasis is on the quality of content, not the method of creation.

Site Reputation Abuse

This abuse happens when third-party content is hosted on reputable sites with little oversight, intending to exploit the site’s authority for better search rankings. The content is typically low-value and aims to manipulate search engines. This policy update does not impact genuine advertorial content, user-generated content, or editorial work but is intended to prevent sites from hosting irrelevant third-party content with the main aim of manipulating search rankings.

Expired Domain Abuse

Using expired domains to benefit from their established reputation and redirect users to low-value content is a targeted black hat SEO technique in this update. It’s a deliberate action that’s unlikely to impact most website operators.

Implications for Webmasters and Content Creators

For those creating content online, the message is clear: prioritize quality and originality. Recognized best practices in SEO have consistently demonstrated the value of quality content. The update serves as a reminder of the importance of creating valuable content that meets Google’s guidelines, ensuring better visibility and engagement from search results.

When developing your content marketing strategies, always bear in mind the principles of E-E-A-T: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google favours content that reflects these qualities, recognizing the importance of originality and high-quality information in rewarding content creators.

Monitoring tools like Google Search Console and SEMrush are invaluable for gauging the impact of Google’s search updates on your website’s rankings. Unless your website has been participating in the practices outlined above, its rankings should remain unaffected.


Google’s March 2024 search update is another step toward their vision in improving the internet as a reliable source of information. For webmasters, content creators, and users alike, the update is a call to action to uphold the highest standards of quality and integrity in the digital content landscape. Users can expect to see a noticeable decline in low-quality, unoriginal content, making way for more useful and high-quality information.

You can read Google’s full post on this update here.

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