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Posted on Monday March 1, 2021

Since a majority of us have pivoted in some way, shape or form over the last year to re-align ourselves with this new social landscape, we took some time to reflect on our corporate values and wanted to share them with you. We call them…


  1. Tell the whole story. The tangible differentiators (head) and the emotional pull (heart)
  2. Respect the bottom line. We’re here to make you more money. See rule #3
  3. Do the right thing. We only make a recommendation if it’s in your best interest
  4. Roll up your sleeves. We do black lines, permits, rendering management and more
  5. Standby on Saturday. When you’re selling, we’re supporting. In-person or remotely
  6. Make it easy. The prep, planning, details and execution are on us.
  7. Be transparent. No ulterior motives here. We say it like it is and back it up
  8. Experience is everything. Ours, yours and the consumers. That’s what matters most
  9. Celebrate the wins. The team, the work, the growth, and the passion

To learn more, visit the rules.